Sandrine Revet, scientific partner

Sandrine Revet is an anthropologist. Her first work focused on the anthropology of disasters, with a PhD on the 1999 mudflows in Venezuela (Anthropologie d’une catastrophe, Presses de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, 2007). From 2008 to 2015, she conducted a multisite survey on the international world of disasters, which led her from the UN offices in Geneva to several Latin American countries where programmes to prevent or manage « natural » disasters are implemented (Les coulisses du monde des catastrophes « naturelles », Ed. FMSH, 2018 (Disasterland, An Ethnography of the International Disaster Community, Palgrave 2020).
Since 2018, she has been conducting research on the regulation of human-environmental relations in a context of crisis, based on the case of the Atrato River in Colombia, which was declared a legal entity in 2016 by Colombian Constitutional Court.

Selected Publications


  • 2007 Revet, S. Anthropologie d’une catastrophe. Les coulées de boue de 1999 sur le Littoral central vénézuélien. Paris, Presses de la Sorbonne Nouvelle..

Edited Books & Special Issues

  • 2015 Houdart, S.,V. Manceron & S. Revet (eds). La mesure du danger. Ethnologie Française, vol. 45, n°1. (Open Access)
  • 2013 Revet, S., & J. Langumier (eds) Le gouvernement des catastrophes. Paris, Karthala, coll. Recherches internationales. [English translation 2015, Governing Disasters. Beyond Risk Culture. New York, Palgrave MacMillan]


  • 2018 Revet, S. « Contar e narrar os desastres”, Lumina, v. 12, n. 2: 5-18 [Transl. of « « Le sens du désastre. Les multiples interprétations d’une catastrophe « naturelle » au Venezuela », Terrain n°54, 2010: 10-27].
  • 2016 Benadusi, M., & S. Revet. “Disaster trials: a step forward”, Introduction, special issue Archivio Antropologico Mediterraneo, anno XIX (2016), n. 18 (2): 7-16. (Open Access)
  • 2015 Houdart, S., V. Manceron & S. Revet.  « Connaître et se prémunir : la logique métrique au défi des sciences sociales », Introduction to S. Houdart, V. Manceron & S. Revet (eds), La mesure du danger, Ethnologie française, vol. 45, n° 1: 11-17. (Online version:
  • 2013 Revet, S. ‘“A Small World”: Ethnography of a Natural Disaster Simulation in Lima, Peru‘, Social Anthropology/ Anthropologie Sociale, n°21 – 1: 38-53.