Gaëlle Ronsin (associate member)

Gaëlle is a socio-anthropologist, lecturer at the University of Franche-Comté and associate fellow at the research and training center “Environment and society” (École normale supérieure of Paris; Centre Alexandre Koyré). She works on territorial processes to conserve biodiversity. Her research focuses on ways to compose relations between sciences and nature, especially inside protected areas (mountains or coasts). She has been developing fieldwork about the way of preserving or exploiting seals, marine animals which navigate between different representations and categories. She has conducted observations and fieldwork about a legal case in Brittany (France) which concerned the decapitation of seals by fishermen (with J. Michalon, associate member of the RULNAT project). This case questions both how different registers of animal protection converge (or not) in a trial and the status granted to animals in legal areas where different interests and expertise coexist.

Selected Publications


2022 Ronsin, G. Sociologie des conseils scientifiques: un millefeuille scientifique pour protéger la nature. Peter Lang.

Articles & Chapters

2021 Ronsin, G. « Protéger des espaces naturels : constat d’une efficience limitée et propositions pour changer de paradigme », Natures Sciences Sociétés, 29(2). (Open Access)

2021 Ronsin, G., N. Lewis & G. Brisson « Tuer en trois étapes : trajectoire de normalisation de la chasse aux phoques canadienne face à la cause animale et aux adaptations locales », Géographie et culture, 115 (1). (Open Access)

2020 Ronsin, G., N. Lewis & G. Brisson « De la mer à la viande. Requalification de la chair de phoque au Québec depuis 2000. », Techniques & Culture, Varia, 2020. (Open Access)